Virtual Event

Splashworld Virtual 10k 2021

Organised by: Splashworld –  AAI Approved

  • Sat, 01-May-21
    Mon, 03-May-21

  • Anytime

  • 10 km, 5 km

  • Anywhere

  • Sat, 01-May-21 – Mon, 03-May-21

  • Anytime

  • 10 km, 5 km

  • Anywhere

Event Description and Schedule

Event Start Time Timed
5 km – walk Anytime VR
10 km – run Anytime VR

Although this year’s physical event was unable to take place due to Covid restrictions, Splashworld is delighted to announce its first virtual 10k run/ 5km walk for 2021.

Participants will complete their 10km run or 5km walk over the Splashworld 10k weekend of the 1st-3rd of May 2021.

Total Timing Entry Information
Participants will complete their run and submit their time online. The information we collect is as follows:

  • Name
  • Gender and age category
  • Club or team
  • When and where they completed their run
  • Their time
  • Proof of their run such as an image or strava link (optional)
  • A picture of them participating (optional)
Results are produced automatically with a live leaderboard of the times as they are submitted and an individual result page for each participant that they can share through social media. For runners from Tramore or within the permitted travel radius at the time, we will mark out the course over the weekend and provide a map for locals.

Cost of entry is €10 for the 10k run and €5 for the 5km walk. All proceeds from the event will go to Tramore Meals on Wheels.

Tramore Community Care – Meals on Wheels originated in 1972. From a small beginning, it started providing 4 meals per day, currently in July 2020 we are providing between 58 – 65 dinners and desserts per day.

Operating from our Premises on Pond Road, which was totally rebuilt in 2008, the Kitchen is staffed by a Head Cook, Assistant Cook and Volunteers. We also have a pool of Volunteer Drivers who deliver the Meals and, volunteers who assist with fundraising activities.

Meals are provided Monday to Saturday (an additional Meal to cover Sunday can also be delivered on Saturdays) to Senior Citizens and anyone who is unable to cook for themselves.

The Centre also provides other Services for the Elderly such as Weekly Bingo, Whist, and an annual outing for Senior Citizens. We also host an annual Christmas Party for our Senior Citizens each year in early December.

We will be posting regular 10k updates on Social Media – Facebook, Instagram – including a workout programme especially designed to help you complete the 10km in your best time.

All registered participants will be entered into a draw where we will have a number of excellent prizes.

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