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Virtual Runs

What are Virtual Runs?

Virtual runs are a great way to keep your supporter base engaged and open up a much larger audience for your event. Virtual runs can be completed anywhere at anytime. Because of the events of 2020 holding physical events has become more and more challenging. So this option is a great way to keep your event running and raise funds. Virtual runs are also a great alternative option to offer for physical events. Offering a virtual option gives people away from home or with work and other commitments the option to participate in their own way.

How do Virtual Runs work?

  1. The first step you as the organiser must take is to decide what distance or distances and when you would like your supports to complete their run. Usually these take place over a period of time like a weekend to allow the maximum flexibility.
  2. Total Timing will create an event page for you with the option for participants to submit the result of their run during the timeframe specified.
  3. If you use Total Timings online registration service we will send participants details on how to submit their results at the start of the Virtual Run's window.
  4. Participants will complete their run and submit their time online. The information we collect is as follows:
    • Name
    • Gender and age category
    • Club or team
    • When and where they completed their run
    • Their time
    • Proof of their run such as an image or strava link (optional)
    • A picture of them participating (optional)
  5. We will send the participant a confirmation and handle any corrections or amendments they might need to make.
  6. Results are produced automatically with a live leader board of the times as they are submitted and an individual result page for each participant that they can share through social media.
Virtual Runs Results Leaderboard
Virtual Runs Results Personal
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